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SellPro Mall

The Mall is a catalog of awards that you can "purchase" using mall credits that you earn on SellPro. 

The "Mall Credits" tile on the home screen shows your current balance of mall credits; tapping it will take you directly to the mall catalog


You can also access the mall by tapping "More" and then tapping "Mall." 



The mall has a variety of awards, ranging from gift cards and electronics, to athletic equipment and vacation packages, and more!. Each item has an associated credit cost and you can redeem if your mall credit balance is sufficient. 


You can also view your mall credit balance once you've entered the mall catalog. Mall credits accumulate as you earn them and they never expire. Once you decide to make a purchase, your account will be debited and your award will be on its way! 

You can earn mall credits in the PlayZone and/or the ProShop (please note, mall credits aren't always available in each zone at all times). 


Unlock mall credit awards by certifying on the associated courses, just like any other SellPro award. 


You can earn mall credits the same way you earn any other SellPro award; either by playing for them in the Gravity Game and answering the pop-quiz questions correctly when you land on them, or by claiming them in the ProShop with your SellPoints. (please note, mall credits aren't always available in each zone at all times).