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Canon: Chain Reaction

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Canon Chain Reaction

Canon: Chain Reaction

June 04, 2018

Did you think we were done? ​

​That’s not how Chain Reactions work. Canon is back to keep the reactions…um…reacting. Users who completed the first series of chain reactions will access to a NEW award, a slate gray IVY Mini Photo Printer, look for it in the PlayZone. If you haven’t already caused the first Chain Reaction, certify on these three Canon courses to get started: Print, Peel, & Stick: IVY Mini Photo Printer Part I, IVY Mini Photo Printer Part II and Let the Good Times Roll: IVY Mini Photo Printer Part III. Stay tuned over the next few weeks, we’ve got a feeling these chain reactions are just getting started. ​​

That’s not how Chain Reactions work.


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