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Catch a Wave Blitz

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Catch a Wave Blitz

Catch a Wave Blitz

June 21, 2022

The longest day of the year is here! Welcome summertime in our Catch a Wave Blitz this week by certifying on courses and attending virtual events. Starting tomorrow, you can earn gaming headsets, and eGift cards from Fandango, Amazon, Starbucks, Burger King and Taco Bell courtesy of HP, Jabra, KEF, Level and Logitech G. Let’s go over the details.

Dates: 6/21/22 – 6/26/22

To unlock the awards in the PlayZone, complete the following tasks from each brand:


  • Smart Tank 6001 Printer
  • Pavilion Plus 14 Laptop PC
  • Sustainability: HP Displays, Accessories

Event: Attend one (1) HP virtual event

Award: $15 Fandango reward


  • Elite 7 Active - Who buys these earbuds
  • Great sound is nothing without comfort
  • Tiny. But tough.

Open Reference Library: Brand Information

Event: Attend one (1) Jabra virtual event

Award: $10 Starbucks OR $10 Burger King eGift card


  • Metamaterial Absorption Technology
  • Blade & Reference Meta

Award: $10 Amazon eGift card


  • Best Buy Product Assortment Update
  • Level Touch Deep Dive

Open Reference Library: Level Smart Lock Resources

Award: $10 Taco Bell eGift card

Logitech G

  • A10 Gen 2 - Refresh
  • Pro X Superlight
  • PowerPlay Wireless Charging

Event: Attend one (1) Logitech G virtual event

Award: G435 Headset (Black And Neon Yellow)

Please note: These awards are live in the PlayZone for the specific retailers to which the brand has exposed its courses. If you aren't seeing it, it means the award is not available to your retailer. Additionally, a SellPro account is required for live webinar award eligibility.

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