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HP Champions 2020: Bronze Edition

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HP Champions 2020: Bronze Edition

HP Champions 2020: Bronze Edition

May 04, 2020

HP is celebrating Champions in retail with HP Champions 2020. Our first event this spring is for a Bronze Medal. Certify on the required coursework (resist singing “We are the Champions”), then head to the ProShop to claim your reward. Items are only available in the ProShop while supplies last, so don’t miss out and learn like a champion today!


  • Sustainability & HP Original Supplies
  • Sustainability & HP Instant Ink
  • CORE: HP Original Supplies & Media 


  • HP eco-friendly mouse pad AND
  • $5 Starbucks reward

Complete the training, learn something new, and earn an opportunity to get rewarded!


2 Thoughts on this post

User Avatar

May 05, 2020

What, no 2020 Champion Pins this year?

User Avatar

May 11, 2020

Looking forward to earn Silver and Gold to become one of many HP Infolab Champions 2020! I hope there will be bigger prize for Gold medal.

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