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HP Champions 2022 Part 3: Supplies & Accessories

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HP Champions 2022 Part 3

HP Champions 2022 Part 3: Supplies & Accessories

October 03, 2022

There’s nothing like persistence…the third and final part of HP Champions 2022 is here! Complete Part 3: Supplies & Accessories to unlock a $20 Starbucks reward in the ProShop while supplies last. 

Let’s go over the details.

Dates: 10/3/22 – 12/31/22

Complete the following tasks to unlock the award in the ProShop:

  • CORE: Original HP Ink, Toner & Paper
  • CORE: HP Instant Ink
  • CORE: HP Smart App with Smart Advance
  • CORE: HP Home Printing 
  • CORE: HP Business Printing 

Event: Attend one (1) HP event during the campaign

ProShop award (while supplies last):

  • $20 Starbucks reward


Complete the training, learn something new, and earn an opportunity to get rewarded!


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Gbenga Adeshola

October 24, 2022

I've been learning a lot from sellpro especially on the new products i sell in the store thanks you for this opportunity

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