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HP EvoMore Challenge

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HP EvoMore Challenge

HP EvoMore Challenge

April 15, 2024

Learn more with EvoMore. Join us for the HP EvoMore Challenge to learn how HP's EvoMore cartridges combine legendary quality WITH MORE sustainable features, including a lower carbon footprint, higher page yield, and easy recycling. Then, head to the ProShop to claim your $15 electronic award while supplies last.

Dates: 4/15/24 – 7/31/24

Complete the following task to unlock the reward in the ProShop:

Course: EvoMore Cartridges

ProShop reward (while supplies last)
Pick one reward from the following:

  • $15 Starbucks
  • $15 Domino’s
  • $15 Fandango

Complete the training, learn something new, and earn an opportunity to get rewarded!


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