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HP Instant Ink-Instant Win

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Instant Ink Instant Win

HP Instant Ink-Instant Win

March 22, 2019

You work hard showing your customers HP Instant Ink – and should be rewarded.   

And there’s no denying that we live in the era of INSTANT gratification—so, we won’t delay this any longer. 

Certify on select HP courses in order to INSTANTLY earn a $60 Instant Ink prepaid code from the ProShop! Hurry and certify now; this award is only available while supplies last! 


  • Leading with HP Instant Ink - Hands On  

  • Instant Ink Overview - Hands On  

  • Instant Ink: Comparing Pg Yields & Costs  

  •  Instant Ink: Next Steps After Enrollment  

  •  Instant Ink - Pages not Ink  

  •  Instant Ink Account Page: How-To  


  • $60 Instant Ink prepaid code 


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