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HP LaserJet Advantage Challenge

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HP LaserJet Advantage Challenge

HP LaserJet Advantage Challenge

March 29, 2018

The HP LaserJet Advantage Challenge is “delicious.” Certify on the “Beyond the Fact Tag – Laser Printers” course and you’ll unlock your choice of a $20 Brinker, $20 Darden, OR $20 Bloomin’ Brands gift card. What’s even better, these awards are in the ProShop at a cost of ZERO SellPoints! Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Certify on the course
  2. Head to the ProShop
  3. Claim your award
  4. Once you receive your claim email, select your restaurant award of choice


Course: Beyond the Fact Tag – Laser Printers

Award: Your choice of:

  • $20 Brinker reward
  • $20 Darden reward
  • $20 Bloomin’ Brands reward

 It’s THAT simple – no spins or plays! This Challenge won’t be around forever, so take “advantage” (see what we did there) while you still have the chance!


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