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HP LaserJet Exploration Challenge

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HP LaserJet Exploration Challenge

HP LaserJet Exploration Challenge

October 14, 2019

This Columbus Day, navigate your way through the brave new world and take the HP LaserJet Exploration Challenge! Come discover which HP LaserJet Pro is best suited for your customers by completing 3 courses. Then, claim your treasure – a $10 Starbucks eGift card for 0 SellPoints in the ProShop while supplies last.


  • LaserJet Pro Series: 200 to 400 Step Up
  • Color LJ Pro 400 Series: Hands On
  • Mono LJ Pro 400 Series: Hands On 


  • $10 Starbucks award for 0 SellPoints

EXPLORE new courses and SCORE your $10 Starbucks award.


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Nuzhat Rana

January 04, 2020

That is a challenge I like it

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