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HP+Microsoft Way to Grow Challenge

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HP+Microsoft Way to Grow Challenge

HP+Microsoft Way to Grow Challenge

May 15, 2018

Spring time. “Aaaaaaahh.” The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the sales associates are…WINNING! HP & Microsoft are planting seeds and rewarding users with the “HP + Microsoft Way to Grow Challenge.”


This one is a little different. There are four courses and FOUR award opportunities. Each course you certify on unlocks a separate $5 Starbucks reward in the ProShop, and that’s not even the best part—you can claim all four awards at a price of ZERO SellPoints! That’s right, it costs you NOTHING. Take a course, claim an award…times FOUR!


Talk about INSTANT GROWTH…and we couldn’t have made it any easier. Certify, then go claim your awards today!



  • Pavilion Desktop PCs – First Look
  • Pavilion Laptop PCs 2018 - First Look
  • Stream with Office 365
  • Windows 10 in S Mode: Sneak-Peek



  • $5 Starbucks reward (x4 for a total $20 value)


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