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HP Pavilion Double Play

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HP Pavilion Double Play

HP Pavilion Double Play

May 31, 2018

What’s better than an HP promo on SellPro? How about TWO HP promos on SellPro! The HP Pavilion Double play is serving up TWO award opportunities in ProShop for 0 SELLPOINTS for users who qualify. And what’s more, HP is bringing you a brand-new award type—Chipotle rewards! You can earn a Chipotle reward for certifying on the “Pavilion x360 Laptops 2018 – First Look” course, and if you’re an HP Champion, you’ll unlock a SECOND Chipotle reward after certifying on the “Pavilion Gaming Laptop – First Look” course! So to recap, one course unlocks one award, and HP Champions, you have a big head start – just complete 1 more course to claim a second Chipotle reward! Not an HP Champion yet?  Become one so you too can win both Chipotle awards and unlock Champions-exclusive items in ProShop like HP socks & an HP Champion lapel pin. Check out the blog for the full list of HP Champions courses. Awards are available while supplies last. Let’s get it, champs!! 


Course (to unlock the first Chipotle Gift Card): 

  • Pavilion x360 Laptops 2018 – First Look 


  • $7 Chipotle reward 


Courses (to unlock the second Chipotle Gift Card): 

HP Champions Courses: 

  • ENVY Photo Printers - Hands On 

  • PageWide Printers for SMB 

  • Printing Fundamentals 101 

  • Printing Fundamentals 201 

  • Printing Fundamentals 301 

  • OJ and OJ Pro Printers for SMB 

  • LaserJet Pro Printers for SMB 

  • DeskJet and ENVY Photo Printers for Home 

  • Attaching HP Original Supplies 

  • Essentials - HP PC Accessories 

  • HP PC Differentiators 

  • Essentials - HP Instant Ink 2018 


PLUS one more course: 

  • Pavilion Gaming Laptop – First Look 


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