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HP Pavilion Power Up Challenge

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The HP Pavilion Power Up Challenge

HP Pavilion Power Up Challenge

June 03, 2019

360° of POWER that revolves around you…the new HP Pavilion x360 PC bends over backwards with a new hourglass design and 360-degree hinge, packs a POWERful sound with dual speakers and HP Audio Boost, & includes a POWERful Intel processor with integrated graphics.
If you’ve read this much, you’re probably a POWER reader too, so don’t miss your opportunity to be rewarded with a $10 Starbucks award in the PlayZone by completing the HP Pavilion Power Up Challenge. Power Up and Play On!


  • Pavilion x360 14m PC
  • Pavilion x360 15 PC – First Look
  • Pavilion x360 11m PC


  • $10 Starbucks award

Complete the training, learn something new, and earn an opportunity to get rewarded!


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