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HP Smart Tank Challenge

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HP Smart Tank Challenge

HP Smart Tank Challenge

January 06, 2020

Some things are just smart…like the HP Smart Tank Plus 500 and 600 All-in-One Series, which offer best-in-class ink tank print quality with great savings. Complete the HP Smart Tank Challenge and earn a $10 award in the ProShop for 0 SellPoints. Now that’s smart!


  • 1/8/20


  • Smart Tank: Setup
  • Smart Tank: Overview
  • Smart Tank: Demos


  • $10 Dominos award

3 Thoughts on this post

User Avatar

January 24, 2020

Good course, hopefully the product sells well in my store when I receive it.

User Avatar

January 27, 2020

Love that HP has somerhing to compare to.the other tanks.

User Avatar

March 05, 2020

7000+ pages in the box huge selling point

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