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HP Smile for Sprocket Challenge

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HP Smile for Sprocket Challenge

HP Smile for Sprocket Challenge

December 11, 2017

Smile. Snap. Print. ‘Tis the season for smiles and laughter or at least the season to grin and bear it. And, HP is giving you something to smile about with the HP Smile for Sprocket Challenge. Complete the required courses for your opportunity to earn an HP Sprocket and/or a $50 off or $30 off HP printing product rebate. Now go ahead and smile from ear to ear.



  • Sprocket – A Dog’s First Christmas
  • Sprocket – Sibling Selfie
  • Sprocket – Collect Your Memories
  • Sprocket – Their Perfect Gift
  • Sprocket Plus – First Look
  • Sprocket 2-in-1: Hands On



  • $30 Off Printing Rebate
  • $50 Off Printing Rebates
  • Sprockets


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