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National Coffee Day

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National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day

September 17, 2018

When is National Coffee Day?!

Cause it should be everyday (ha-ha). This year, it falls on September 29th, and to honor the holiday and all of our beloved SellPro users, we would like you to have as many Starbucks Gift Cards as humanly possible. We’ll be holding a #COFFEEBLITZ in the PlayZone a week early so that you have your gift cards in time for National Coffee Day! If you’re in the holiday spirit, send us some photos of how you spent the day with your favorite type of coffee. Certify now!!

HP 9/18

  • Courses:  

    • Built-in Privacy Screens: Double-Click   

    • Original HP Supplies - Hands On 

  • Award:  

    • $10 Starbucks reward 


Canon 9/19

  • Courses: 
    • TS9520 & TR4520: Fall back into Action  

    • Head of the Class with Canon 

  • Award:  

    • $15 Starbucks e-gift card

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