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Retail Tale

SellPro's Retail Tale

November 18, 2019

Get your creative juices flowing for our Retail Tale competition! Earn 100 Mall Credits by being the best storyteller. Let’s break it down:

  • On Monday, 11/18, head to “Courses” in the SellPro app.
  • We’ll post the first chapter in our Retail Tale competition in a special SellPro course titled, “SellPro’s Retail Tale.”
  • In the course, read the instructions and the writing prompt containing the first chapter.
  • You’ll write the second chapter of the story – go wild with your creativity (but not too wild).
  • Upvote and reply to your favorite stories from other SellPro users.
  • The story with the most votes (to upvote, simply tap the up arrow underneath a post) by Thursday, 11/21 at 12 pm PT will earn 100 Mall Credits.
  • On Friday, 11/22, we’ll add the winner’s chapter to our story, and you’ll have the opportunity to write chapter three.
  • The story with the most votes by Wednesday, 11/27 at 12 pm PT will earn 100 Mall Credits.

It’s that simple. Happy posting!


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