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UnBEElievable Blitz

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UnBEElievable Blitz

UnBEElievable Blitz

May 18, 2022

We’re bringing you a one-day UnBEElievable Blitz this Wednesday, 5/18. You can earn gaming headsets and eGift cards from Dominos, GrubHub and Chili’s from Logitech G, HP and Jabra. Don’t miss out, we’ll BEE seeing you in the PlayZone. Let’s go over the details.

Date: 5/18/22

To unlock the awards in the PlayZone, complete the following tasks from each brand:

OMEN 25L Gaming Desktop PC
ENVY Inspire 7255e & 7955e Printers

Award: $20 Dominos reward

Elite 7 Pro - Who buys these earbuds
6 generations of Jabra earbuds
BlueParrott M300-XT intro

Open Reference Library: Sell Sheets

Award: $10 eGift card from GrubHub OR Chili’s

Logitech G
G413 SE & G413 SE TKL – Refresh
G435 Wireless Headset – UPDATE

Award: G435 Headset (Black And Neon Yellow)

Please note: These awards are live in the PlayZone for the specific retailers to which the brand has exposed its courses. If you aren't seeing it, it means the award is not available to your retailer. Additionally, a SellPro account is required for live webinar award eligibility.

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