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VIZIO Live Webinars

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VIZIO Training Goes Virtual

VIZIO Live Webinars

October 29, 2018

Learn, earn, sell with us this week.   


Step one: learn about VIZIO products during VIZIO Live Webinars. 

Step two: earn the opportunity to be awarded with a $5 Starbucks Gift Card 

Step three: become a smart, engaged and energized sales associate, ready to SELL! 

This series of VIZIO webinars offers you an opportunity to earn a $5 Starbucks reward! VIZIO trainers will cover three latest technology topics – one per session. So, go to My Events in SellPro and register for multiple VIZIO Live Webinars in the next couple of weeks; they’re starting next week, so head to the app!



They're starting next week, so head to the app and register!!


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