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Walk it Like I Sprocket

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Walk it Like I Sprocket

July 16, 2018

Festival Checklist:  
Toilet Paper  
HP Sprocket  

It’s festival season, and you know what that means. Pictures, pictures, … oh and more pictures. For you, this means a perfect time to learn about the HP Sprocket in the HP Rock It with Sprocket Mini Challenge. Complete two courses, “Sprocket Spring ’18 Refresh” and “Sprocket – How to Print Best-Quality Pics” to unlock your choice of either a $10 Domino’s or $10 Starbucks reward. 

So, electric slide on over to the ProShop and claim your award while supplies last.  


“Sprocket Spring ’18 Refresh”  

“Sprocket – How to Print Best-Quality Pics” 



$10 Starbucks Reward  

$10 Domino’s Reward  

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