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Winter Wonderland Blitz

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Winter Wonderland Blitz

Winter Wonderland Blitz

January 17, 2023

Brrr! A cold front has hit the PlayZone for our Winter Wonderland Blitz. This week you can earn a variety of awards from Logitech, Level and Boost Mobile! Details below.

Dates: 1/17/23 – 1/22/23

To unlock the awards in the PlayZone, complete the following tasks from each brand:

Boost Mobile

  • Boost Mobile -Samsung Galaxy A03s
  • Boost Mobile: Pre-Loaded SIM Cards

Award: $10 Dominos eGift card


  • Level Locks - The Brand
  • Level Bolt (Jan 2023)

Award: $10 Amazon eGift card


  • Brio 300
  • MK470
  • POP Series
  • H390 Wired Headset

Event: Attend one (1) Logitech event

Award: Wonderboom 2


Please note: Courses and live webinars are available for the specific retailers to which the brand has exposed its content. If you aren't seeing them, it means the courses and/or webinars are not available to your retailer. Additionally, a SellPro account is required for live webinar award eligibility.

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