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Bad Omen? Good OMEN?!

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Bad Omen? Good OMEN?!

Bad Omen? Good OMEN?!

October 13, 2017

Black cats crossing your path, broken mirrors, walking under ladders, spilling salt… Friday the 13th is often filled with superstitions of bad luck omens – but HP is bringing you GOOD luck this Friday the 13th. The HP OMEN Challenge gives you the opportunity to earn one of 3,500 $10 Starbucks eGift rewards. Certify on the “OMEN 880 Series Desktop Hands On,” and “OMEN Notebooks PCs – Hands On” courses to unlock this award in the PlayZone. This Friday the 13th – may your OMENs be full of delicious refreshments.


  • OMEN 880 Series Desktop Hands On
  • OMEN Notebooks PCs – Hands On



  • $10 Starbucks awards


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