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Fall Fun Blitz

Fall Fun Blitz

Fall Fun Blitz

September 18, 2017

We’re rakin’ in the fun this week with piles of awards for you in the Fall Fun blitz! To get you ready, we’re giving out 10 SellPoints for our Fall Fun quiz tomorrow. Then on Wednesday (9/20), HP is giving away $10 Spotify cards and $10 Papa Johns cards, followed by Canon on 9/21, who is giving out $10 Starbucks cards. VIZIO wraps it up on 9/22 by giving away $25 AMEX cards and $5 Starbucks cards.


LEAF it to us, you won’t want to miss this blitz (…okay, that was a lame joke). Here are the list of courses you need to take: 


  • Fall Fun


  • OMEN X Notebook PC – Sneak Peak
  • Using Reference Guides


  • Canon TS6020, G4200, CP1300 BTS 
  • The NEW SELPHY CP1300


  • 2017 P-Series™ 

Take the courses now so you’re ready for the blitzes!

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