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HP + AMD Be ENVY’d Challenge

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HP Be Envyd Challenge

HP + AMD Be ENVY’d Challenge

May 28, 2019

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, how can I be the most ENVY’d of them all? 

Mirror’s response: iconic design, unstoppable productivity, more security, and the latest AMD processor should do the trick.   

RSAs, starting this Friday, 5/31, take the HP + AMD Be ENVY’d Challenge and claim your choice of a $5 Starbucks or $5 Chipotle award in the ProShop while supplies last. 


  • ENVY x360 15m powered by AMD 
  • AMD Why 2nd Gen Ryzen Mobile Processors 


  • Your choice of a $5 Starbucks award or $5 Chipotle award  

Complete the training, learn something new, and earn an opportunity to get rewarded!


This promotion is US only.


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