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HP + Microsoft Business Pro Challenge

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HP + Microsoft Business Pro Challenge

HP + Microsoft Business Pro Challenge

March 26, 2019

Sales is all about listening.  

What does the customer need? What are his or her pain points?  

If you understand that the foundation of business is sales, then you’re on your way to becoming a business pro! 

Become a business pro by completing the HP + Microsoft Business Pro Challenge on SellPro and learning all about some of the hottest consumer devices on the market right now, as well as the OS that powers them. 


Certify on these courses to unlock one of THOUSANDS of $10 Chipotle rewards:  

  • Pavilion Gaming Desktop PCs - Hands On  

  • Spectre x360 13 PC - Hands On 

Certify on these courses to unlock one of THOUSANDS of $20 Fandango rewards: 

  • Why Windows 10 Pro for Business  

  • Windows Ink in Action  


Certify on all FOUR courses above in order to unlock a $5 Starbucks reward in the PlayZone as well!


Make sure you certify on these courses early and play for your reward while supplies last!! 

Now, get to learning and earning, business pros! 



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