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VIZIO 50 for 50

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VIZIO 50 for 50

VIZIO 50 for 50

March 25, 2019

This week marks a significant milestone for VIZIO on SellPro. In the next few hours, VIZIO will have 50 active courses on the platform—more than they’ve had active at any time before. To celebrate this moment, we are launching a special promotion: The VIZIO 50 for 50 campaign.  

Here is how it works. 50 users will have the opportunity to be awarded with a $50 Starbucks gift card. To unlock this award, you’ll need to certify on all 50 active VIZIO courses (chances are: you’ve nailed most of them already, so should be a breeze). The award will be in the PlayZone, and available from 10am to 5pm PST this Wednesday, 27th March for those who have unlocked the award. 

Congrats, VIZIO – 50 active courses is a BIG Deal! 


  • All active VIZIO Courses 


  • $50 Starbucks gift card 


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