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HP Tango Printer Challenge

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HP Tango Printer Challenge

HP Tango Printer Challenge

October 15, 2018

Attention Best Buy Associates: Be smart at home 

If your home has an HP Tango Printer, your home just got smarter!  How?  Because the HP Tango Printer can sync with smart devices including voice assistants, can print from virtually anywhere, and is compatible with HP Instant Ink service.  See – it really is smart.  So, be smart and certify on the HP Tango Printer Challenge coursework to claim a $20 Starbucks reward in the ProShop while supplies last. 

Watch out for the push notification that kicks it off!  


  • Tango by HP - First Look 

  • Tango by HP - Lifestyle 

  • Tango by HP - Hands On 



  • $20 Starbucks Reward  



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