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SellPro Resolutions Blitz

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SellPro Resolutions Blitz

SellPro Resolutions Blitz

January 25, 2021

Resolutions shouldn’t have to be difficult! Complete the SellPro Resolutions Blitz this week for a chance to earn a variety of awards from HP, Logitech, Logitech G and OtterBox! To unlock the award in the PlayZone, simply complete each task associated with the award. Let’s go over the details.

Dates: 1/25 – 1/31


  • DeskJet 3755 AiO Printer
  • Business Printing: Printer Lineup
  • Business Printing: Overview

Events: attend 1 HP event
Award: $20 Brinker Restaurant Reward


  • ERGO K860
  • ERGO M575

Events: attend 1 Logitech event
Award: Wonderboom 2

Logitech G

  • Pro X Superlight

Events: attend 1 Logitech G event
Award: Blast


  • OtterBox Amplify Screen Protection
  • OtterSpot Charging System
  • OtterBox Rugged Protection
  • OtterBox Slim Protection

Events: attend 1 OtterBox event
Award: FREE Product Code

Please note: These awards are live in the PlayZone/ProShop for the specific retailers to which the brand has exposed its courses. If you aren't seeing it, it means the award is not available to your retailer. Additionally, a SellPro account is required for live webinar award eligibility.

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