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SellPro Singles Awareness Blitz

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SellPro Singles Awareness Blitz

SellPro Singles Awareness Blitz

February 11, 2019

Valentine’s Day? Bleh. So overrated.  

Why do we celebrate relationships but have absolutely NOTHING to honor single people?!  

Well, SellPro’s got you covered. This Thursday, February 14th is our annual Singles Awareness Blitz! This will be a day full of love, but not from your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/dog. The love will come from HP, Canon, and VIZIO! Treat yourself to coffee, dinner, or a movie on this one-day blitz by certifying on just ONE course in order to unlock the corresponding award.  

Don’t stand us up; mark your calendars for the date we have planned for you from 12pm – 3pm PST:  


  • Course: OMEN X Emperium 65 Display - Sneak Peek 

  • Award: $10 Starbucks Gift Card  


  • Course: FAQs: Sound Bars with Dolby Atmos  

  • Award: $15 Fandango Gift Card  


  • Course:  Canon PIXMA G4210 Wireless MegaTank AiO  

  • Award: $25 Brinker Gift Card  

Certify on one (or all) of these courses in order to unlock the corresponding awards in the PlayZone. Again, these awards will be live from 12pm – 3pm PST on 2/14. Happy Singles Awareness Day!

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