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VIZIO Live Webinars: Aug - Sept

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VIZIO webinars

VIZIO Live Webinars: Aug - Sept

September 03, 2019

15 minutes can earn you a Starbucks gift card! Join a VIZIO expert for a 15-minute webinar packed with useful tips to drive your VIZIO sales. 

You’ll learn about the all-new 2019 VIZIO lineup with Chromecast or Apple AirPlay 2 and Homekit. Share with your friends in store!

Check out the schedule below and register beforehand. Register for this event with your SellPro email address, as prizes are fulfilled through SellPro. 

DateEventAugust 27th (10 AM PT)​Apple AirPlay 2/HomeKit​August 27th (12 PM PT)​Chromecast​August 28th (10 AM PT)​Chromecast​August 28th (12 PM PT)​Apple AirPlay 2/HomeKit​August 29th (10 AM PT)​Apple AirPlay 2/HomeKit​August 29th (12 PM PT)​Chromecast​September 3rd (10 AM PT)​Chromecast​September 3rd  (12 PM PT)​Apple AirPlay 2/HomeKit​September 4th  (10 AM PT)​Apple AirPlay 2/HomeKit​September 4th (12 PM PT)​Chromecast​September 5th  (10 AM PT)​Chromecast​September 5th  (12 PM PT)​Apple AirPlay 2/HomeKit​


DISCLAIMER: up to two (2) awards per unique user for the twelve-event series of the VIZIO Live Webinars; users are selected randomly from all attendees of each event.


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